ICAO APAC ATM Safety assessment workshop 23-25 Jun 참석

  1. 일정: 6월 23-25일 0200-0500Z
    • Day 1: ICAO requirements and concept review based on Annex 19/Doc 9859
    • Day 2: 그룹 실습: Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
    • Day 3: Experience sharing on challenges & way forward, best practices.
  2. 형식: Webinar
  3. 협회 참석자: 김종근, 양영광
  4. 참여그룹 (ICAO APAC 180여명)
  • States (항공 당국)
  • Service Providers (관제, Air Navigation Service)
  • Industries (항공사)
    1. Facilitator: Ms. Lia Sunok LEE, Regional Officer, ATM, Beijing
    2. 주제: 2020년 Workshop에 이은 APAC 회원국의 ATM safety assessment 능력과 Safety risk management performance를 제고함. (SSP/SMS에 입각한 실습)
    3. Workshop 자료 LINK