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Friday 26 April

Today's Agenda
0730-0930 Registration
0930-1100 Plenary
1100-1130 Break
1130-1230 Plenary
1230-1400 Lunch
1400-1630 Committee Sessions
1900 BALPA Hospitality Event
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Global Pilots' Symposium 2019, Today for Tomorrow

IFALPA President Captain Ron Abel opened GPS 2019 "Today for Tomorrow" along with  Emcee Captain Rola Hoteit, and Captain Al Gaspari and Captain Rick Hale. Captain Abel welcomed attendees, "I see pilot leaders from all corners of the world in this room, each of you play a key role in the future development of our industry. You certainly play a crucial role in what sets us apart from every other aviation organization in the world. That is our expert pilot volunteers...This year’s GPS will challenge you to think about the difficulties presented in dealing with Trans-National Airlines and the need for unity and leadership in meeting this challenge. No matter where you are in the world, make no mistake, a TNA will be part of your future. The question is not if, but when."

Captain Hoteit introduced CEO of International Airlines Group, Willie Walsh, who delivered the first Keynote of the day.
When asked what message and advice he would like to leave with IFALPA's Conference, Mr. Walsh shared:
“I’m pleased to be here, it’s very important that the industry gets together and shares its experiences like this. I’m always reluctant to give advice to people, but the most important thing that I’ve found about Leadership is developing a style that you’re comfortable with yourself. I see a lot of great leaders and a lot of poor leaders, the important thing is to learn from these, you take what’s good and you take what’s bad and you develop something that you’re comfortable with, because what I’ve seen is that when you come under pressure, you’ll naturally revert to type. If you try to mimic someone else, it doesn’t always work.”
IFALPA President Captain Ron Abel, Keynote Speaker Willie Walsh, Captain Kevin Judkins, Captain kelly Ison at the Global Pilots' Symposium 2019. 
The TNA Pilot Groups Panel followed, moderated by Captain Martin Stork, and featuring panelists Captain Yngve Carlsen, Captain Patrick Barbary, and Captain Enda Ryan. The Panel focused on the challenges presented by TNAs for pilot groups around the globe. They discussed updating established national union structures and preventing the pitting of one pilot group against another. They stressed the importance of transnational representation in the face of changing corporate structures. 
Captain Enda Ryan, "We need to understand what’s changed over the years with pilot groups. What’s changed is that airlines have become transnational. For us to be able to create frameworks to deal effectively with that, we need to catch up and become transnational…We need to provide a framework where the drive to the bottom is stopped. We need a bottom-up approach. We need pilots to stand up collectively and coordinate collectively.”

The second Keynote address, delivered by Professor Peter Turnbull from University of Bristol, focused on Pilot Unity in an era of transnational airlines. 
When asked about what advice he would give to pilot groups, Professor Peter Turnbull shared, "The key thing that pilot associations need to think about is how the market is changing trans-nationally, and then how they organize within that particular market...  We need to build new networks, though organizations like IFALPA and ECA, to really connect people and create a different operating environment. What we see is that laws and regulations will tend to follow the type of practices developed by organizations, by employers, by trade unions, so while we don’t have a legal framework in place for this at the moment, that is hopefully something that would follow, if pilot unions and other organizations can get together and create different relationships with these transnational airlines."
Professor Turnbull cited technology as a key element to the discussion, “What we see with a lot of these businesses is the way they can use technology platforms to create new kinds of business models, to operate trans-nationally, to have different kinds of contractual arrangements, and that puts workers at a real disadvantage in terms of knowing their rights under particular contracts. However, there are some very interesting innovations that unions are using in terms of developing bespoke apps and groups to actually get pilots engaged online to focus on their terms and conditions of employment.”

Afternoon Program - GPS 2019: Today for Tomorrow

The Leadership Panel kicked off afternoon programming. Moderator Captain John Sluys told the audience, "Our goal today is to openly discuss actual events and lessons learned in a way we hope will help you in your role as pilot leaders.” The panel was made up of Captain John Malone, Captain Ilja Schulz, and Captain Evan Cullen. They shared stories of their professional expertise in leading pilot groups and the day to day challenges they have experienced.
Of the difficulty of being in the spotlight as a pilot organizer, Captain Cullen said, “The [difficulties] have been tough, its been personal, and its gone on a long time, but it comes with the job.” Captain Ilja Schulz said, “I’ve always had a vision of a better future ahead for myself and my fellow pilots. If we can see this vision, and are not distracted from that path, then people start trusting you and believing in you, that’s what makes you a leader.”
The last of the three GPS Panels, Piot Unity, was moderated by Cpt Luigie Martinez, and brought together Cpt Daniel Bianco, Cpt Nigel Chew, and Cpt Chuck Dyer. The panel talked about their experiences helping to strengthen pilot groups though organized, unified, and powerful leadership. They discussed the complexities of liberalization and the associated risks of having a growing number of isolated pilot groups. When asked what unity means to him, Cpt Bianco said, "Unity is leverage to negotiate. Unity is about making everyone understand that we as individuals will do better for pilots – we’ll be respected in our community. It means trusting each other, team work, trying collectively to achieve goals that will benefit us all.” 
Programming finished with a dynamic Keynote address from Mark Hamlin, Chair of OR Group entitled Great Leadership: Staying in Control. “The key theme of what I wanted to say to the international pilot community is that building bridges is possible - and you need to understand not only what enables that to happen but also what disables that from happening. So, understanding how prejudice can get in the way of a good interaction, understanding how lack of perceived control of a situation gets in the way, understanding how sometimes people will say what they think you want them to say rather than what they authentically want to say, can get in the way. Also, it is very important to have an overarching goal as the focus to bring unity.”

IFALPA Welcome Reception 

IFALPA President Captain Ron Abel, VC President Captain Markus Wahl and honored guest, Berlin Senator of Finance Dr. Matthias Kollatz welcomed delegates to IFALPA's 74th Conference in Berlin. 

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