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Sunday 28 April

Today's Agenda
1200-1330 Lunch
1330-1545 Plenary
1700 Bus for VC Event

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Regional Meetings

Saturday morning programming opened with Regional Meetings. Africa and Middle East (AFI/MID) was chaired by Captain Souhaiel Dallel with Carole Couchman as rapporteur. 
Captain Ishtiaque Hossain chaired the Asia Pacific (ASIA/PAC) Regional meeting, with Gordon Margison serving as rapporteur. 
Caribbean and North America (CAR/NAM) was chaired by Captain Mike Geer with Christoph Schewe as rapporteur. 
Captain Arnaud du Bedat was rapporteur at the Europe meeting, which was chaired by Captain Otjan de Bruijn.
South America's (SAM) Regional Meeting, chaired by Captain Osvaldo Neto, had Sebastian Curras as rapporteur.
EVP Region and RVP reports are available under Regional Meetings on the Conference website.    

Sponsor Presentations

IFALPA's valued Conference Sponsors presented at the Saturday afternoon Plenary. Platinum Sponsors began the presentations with Captains Jim Webb and Mike Bryan on behalf of Boeing. Captain Jim Webb said, "Boeing appreciates the opportunity to be here with IFALPA and present to them our commitment to regaining trust with pilots and the flying public."
President Captain Ron Abel then introduced Captain Harry Nelson, presenting for Airbus, "The great thing about this conference for me, and I've been coming for many years now, is that it's not just a one-way learning experience, I learn from talking to all the pilots present and it re-engages me with the pilot community. Every time I come here I go away with actually probably more value than I've offered. I try and offer some value with a different perspective, but I actually go away with a lot of learning myself."
Gold Sponsor Presentations followed with  ATR representative Christopher McGregor, "We want to maintain the same safety standards across all operations with no exceptions...The key message from ATR is one of collaboration, working together..." 
The Gold Sponsor presentations wrapped up with Embraer's Captain Celso Fonseca, "Today is the third time I've presented to IFALPA. I am a pilot, and when I'm here I really feel part of this good community. Our world is very big, but when we're here we see how small and close it is." 
IFALPA extends a grateful Thank You to all of our new and returning Conference Sponsors. Your generous support is paramount to the success of our Conference. 
The session closed with a short presentation by ChALPA's IFALPA Director, Captain Tony Shen, presenting a bid for Shanghai 2022 as Conference host city.

Gala Dinner and Awards Presentations

Clarence N. Sayen Award

Following a pre-Gala reception, Conference attendees and their guests enjoyed the Gala Dinner and Awards Presentations. The small number of awardees this year made the ceremony particularly special.

The 2019 Clarence N. Sayen Award was presented to former IFALPA President, Captain Martin Chalk (UK). The award is presented in acknowledgment of the exceptional role played by Captain Clarence N. Sayen, former President of IFALPA, in achieving the progress attained by the Federation during his tenure. The award is meant to honor a person whose contribution towards the achievement of the Federation’s aims and objectives has been outstanding and to recognize the efforts of the recipient in furthering the progress of the Federation. Captain Martin Chalk has embodied these objectives, "I was humbled and surprised to receive the award...any award...but particularly the Clarence Sayen, its very very special when your fellow professionals recognize that you've made an effort and I am humbled by that."

Scroll of Merit

The IFALPA Scroll of Merit of 2019 was awarded to Captain Dirk Polloczek (Germany). The Scroll of Merit is presented in recognition of the sustained efforts of individuals who have served the Federation with loyalty, honour, and distinction, thereby substantially contributing to the achievement of the objectives for which the Federation was founded. Captain Polloczek graciously accepted his award, "The IFALPA family is a great family, its the best thing we have created in the past decades for the profession, and we need to keep that spirit alive, we need to expand that spirit, today with growing nationalism and more and more selfish thinking in politics, we need to grow the global solidarity among the pilots to keep this great profession alive."

ALPA Japan Scholarship Fund Raffle

The awards ceremony was followed by the ALPA Japan Scholarship Fund Raffle, a perennial Gala activity enjoyed by all. Generous prizes provided by Conference Sponsors and others were raffled off to the lucky winners to benefit the initiative, which offers pilots who are members of an IFALPA MAs the opportunity to further their professional skills and to benefit themselves and their fellow pilots. ALPA Japan also treated attendees to a spirited Sumo demonstration!

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