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Monday 29 April

Today's Agenda
09:00 to end of business - Plenary

Including Elections for 2019-2021
and Close of Conference
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Plenary: Conference Tech/PGA/LEG Session

Plenary: Female Pilots' Working Group

The new and historic IFALPA Female Pilots' Working group was represented by Captain Nina Moers (VC) lead for the Working Group, Captain Tanja Harter, HUPER Chairperson, and Captain Tara Traynor Cook, ISA+21 International Society of Women Airline Pilots Representative to IFALPA. The presentation addressed the question, why is a Female Pilot Working Group needed at the IFALPA level? The presentation focused on targeting female professionals to help the industry overcome global pilot shortages, identifying barriers for women in aviation, making aviation more attractive to women by promoting fair and respectful workplaces, and promoting greater work/life balance. The IFALPA FPWG will help change the industry from the inside by gaining visibility and leading the way in providing global support to women in aviation. 
Captain Moers encouraged participation in the WG, "We need input from all the other Member Associations to send their members so we can have an even better exchange, enjoy more input, and share experiences.” Captain Traynor Cook was pleased with the turnout and commented, "We are very gratified that the board has supported this group and this movement to include more women and activism in the unions themselves, and recruit more female pilots to our companies to increase those numbers.” 
Addressing the pilot shortage, Captain Harter said, "This industry lacks pilots, in the near and not so far future, I think to attract more pilots into the business we can’t rule out almost half of the population. I think we need to start early, setting the idea in the minds of young women. We need qualified pilots and I don’t see why females can’t be qualified, we’ve proven it. If we have 50% in the cockpit, if it’s a normal sight for every passenger to see a female pilot, I think the whole industry can benefit from that."
When asked what some of the barriers are for women entering the piloting profession today, IFALPA Senior Technical Officer and Regional Officer had this to say, "The piloting profession is not attractive to [young women], that’s half the problem. Young women today don’t seem to realize that the actual aircraft does not know if you’re a female or a male when you’re flying it, however, it always appears to be a man’s job in a man’s world, and this group is going to change that view, completely.”  

Plenary: Member Associations and Emergency Response

The Member Associations and Emergency Response session followed, Chaired by EVP Technical & Safety Standards, Captain Patrick Magisson. Every MA is likely to face an emergency at some point and should therefore make and practice a contingency plan, train nominated pilots or staff so they can be prepared, and use the resources that come with IFALPA's worldwide network. 

The session began with the European Case Study of Germanwings Flight 9525 (2015). IFALPA's AAP Chair, Captain Ariel Shocron provided the SEPLA perspective, while the VC (and media) perspective was presented by their President, Captain Markus Wahl. Captain Hans Rahmann of Stiftung Mayday presented on the Logitstics of Assistance. 

Captain Rahmann lauded the Federation's support of pilots, "In aviation, I think that IFALPA is the longest standing and the most successful peer program we can think of. We might improve it from time to time but I believe that an organization like IFALPA is the best way to establish peer programs and is a peer program in itself."

The American Case Study covered Aeromexico ERJ 190 Durango (2018), with the ASPA experience from the first emergency call covered by IFALPA RVP NAT, Captain Francisco Gomez.

The delicate Media/Social Media response to an Emergency was discussed by Richard Toomer, BALPA's Head of Communications. The importance and effectiveness of Peer Support Programs was presented by Captain Murray Munro from IFALPA's HUPER Committee, and the Legal aspects were explored by lawyer Jay Wells from the IFALPA Legal Committee. 
The session closed with Captain Magisson outlining the important questions for MAs to ask themselves:
  • Do you know the IFALPA Emergency Phone Number?
  • Have you read the IFALPA Accident Investigation Handbook?
  • Does your MA have an ERP? If not, after what you've heard today, should you?
  • Dozens of MAs have shared their plans with IFALPA, do you know how to find them on the Hub?
  • Has your Member Association produced a pocket-size Accident Emergency Card? If so, do you have it with you now?
  • How many IFALPA Accredited Accident Investigators do you have in your MA? Do you think you have enough? Can you easily reach them all? Do you know about IFALPA's partnership with the University of Southern California to offer a professional Accident Investigation Course at a reduced rate?
Please note: It is critical that every Member Association keep IFALPA updated on all of their relevant contact information in case of Emergency, this will be kept as current as possible on IFALPA's Hub. 

VC Hosted Social Event

VC President Captain Markus Wahl welcomed all Conference attendees at the Deutsches Technikmuseum to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift, the 50th anniversary of German ALPA/ Vereinigung Cockpit, and the 30th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Many thanks to VC for their gracious hospitality. 

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